• "Saint Cloud Hill is often dramatic, capturing tense standoffs between cops and vagrants."
  • "But this documentary is also filled with hope, and admiration for all those visionaries who see how neglected people and places can be put to good use."

This Land is Your Land

Captain Chris Scott rallies a colony of tent residents to defend their provisional homes against the forces of gentrification. Evolved from a docuseries about the underbelly of Nashville's growing prosperity, Saint Cloud Hill dives deep into the tragic personal experiences of a displaced community losing its last remnant of stability.

filmmaking team

Shot over six months by a two-person crew who live in the same neighborhood as the people and events, Saint Cloud Hill’s immediacy is the result of exceptional access. The filmmakers are there when the drama unfolds, from the tent community’s original eviction notice to a large city protest to a harrowing midnight police arrival. As a result, the film plays more like a traditional narrative drama than a conventional documentary.